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25 05, 2015

See What We’re Up To

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Urban Arts is committed to having a positive and lasting impact on the community. Watch the 2015 Gala video


Myrka, the student who spoke at this year’s Gala, gave this speech:

Good Evening.  Before I commence, I’d like to thank the people that made it possible for me to be here today: Tom and Becky, Mimi, Tamar, Niky, Stefon, and my family.

Urban Arts Academy.  All I could think while writing the speech was all the things we do at Urban Arts.  The singing, the dancing, the laughing, just doing what families do….because we’re a family..a family of artists, designers, singers. A family of dreamers and hard workers.

I can still remember the first time I walked through the doors of Urban Arts. It was after my parents divorce, which was definitely a life changing event for my sister and I.  And well, before coming to Urban Arts, I had already managed to get myself suspended.

The day I got suspended, my mom arrived at the school and asked me, “What happened?”  The only thing I could do was hang my head down. We were taken into the office and that day…that day…as my mom looked me dead straight in the eye, I saw a tear roll down her cheek. I had seen my mom cry before, but this time she was crying because of me.

My mom now worried about me in the after-school hours, so she signed me up for Urban Arts as she knew that music had always been my passion. I started composing when I was 8 years old, have been singing since I was 5.  Urban Arts gave me a place to make music, to be a kid…even if it was only 2 hours.

After I began at Urban Arts, my mom began to worry less about me. She knew I loved it, and that I still do today.

I stand here now not asking you to support an academy, but asking you to help my family – my family at Urban Arts. Why do I call Urban Arts my family? Because it saved me, and it helps me grow as an artist and a person.

I know what it feels like to be lost, to have no where to go…but I also know what it is to be somewhere you love, learning and doing the things you most want to. Unfortunately, I will be graduating from 8th grade this year and won’t be able to attend Urban Arts next fall, but I want the next generation of Urban Arts students to have the same opportunities I had and to feel the same joy I have felt at Urban Arts Academy.

Thank you!