Our After-school is designed to introduce children to the arts in the productive time after they are finished with school. In this program, students will:

  • Experience classes that encourage creative self-expression.

  • Participate in Arts-Infused project-based learning (including spoken word, performance arts, visual arts, and digital mixed media).

  • Be mentored by professional artists

  • Perform and exhibit their art with peers, family, and community during family nights and community arts events.

  • Participate in planning, decision-making and civic engagement opportunities through our Youth in Action Council.

  • Be supported academically and developmentally through arts-integrated learning tools.

Additional information about After-school can be found in our After-School Family Guide 2019-20 (pdf)


After-school is for grades K–6 and runs Monday-Thursday from 2:30–4:30 pm or 4:00–6:00 pm, depending on when your child’s school lets out. The Middle-school Program serves grades 5–8 and runs Monday-Thursday from 4:00–6:00 pm.

Program Cost

There is a non-refundable $15 registration per family

Tuition is free for students who receive free and reduced lunch at school

Families who don’t qualify for free and reduced lunch pay $100/month for one or two sessions a day.

Program Goals:

  1. Meet the holistic needs of undeserved families and children who, because of income, language barriers, and/or transportation issues, would not otherwise be able to access our programs.

  2. Enrich social and emotional lives through creative arts experiences that support strong and productive relationships.

  3. Bring together the rich diversity of neighborhood children, families, and community to facilitate positive connections and appreciation of world cultures

  4. Establish a foundation for life-long learning through creative, academic skill building and learning experiences to promote academic readiness.

Top 3 anticipated program outcomes:

  1. Increase interest in school, the arts, and life-long learning to create success that bridges other learning areas.

  2. Increase personal, social, academic and life-skills to support students in positive, productive living instead of engaging in negative peer influences and juvenile offenses.

  3. Decrease non-productive behaviors by increasing behavioral supports for disadvantaged students who are not otherwise being reached and who often experience behavioral problems in traditional classroom settings.




For more information about our After-school Program please call 612-827-1641 or email


LOVE the curriculum. The arts education these students get is amazing, unparalleled. I love that the artists are diverse, work in all art forms/mediums, and inspire kid art of all kinds.