Art-Infused Education Programs

Your child will benefit from Urban Arts Academy’s Art-Infused Education approach. We are Artists and we believe in Art and its power as an effective tool for teaching kids. Young people benefit from our programs by learning faster and becoming better leaders. Our programs include:

  • Arts Expression Classes with hands-on exploration of art forms including 2D, 3D, mixed-media, sculpture, environmental arts, performance arts and even culinary arts!

  • Arts-Infused Learning with hands-on educational and cultural activities that address core academic content while addressing unique learning styles that are often overlooked in traditional classrooms.

  • Community Building with a focus on cooperative learning, communication and interpersonal skills while addressing social issues through small group and community art activities. 

At the Urban Arts Academy, your child can develop positive relationships through the Arts, which provide a language that cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers while enhancing cultural appreciation and awareness.

Get your child signed up for Art-Infused Education through one of our programs today!


How excited my kiddos were to show off their projects! This was our first experience with UAA and we’ll definitely be back - my girls LOVED everything about it.