Urban Arts Academy: Neighborhood Art-Infused Education

If you are a parent in the Bancroft, Bryant, Powderhorn and Central areas of Minneapolis, check out Urban Arts Academy. We help kids learn through an Art-Infused Learning Experience that is not available anywhere else.

Every child can be positively impacted by the creativity, self-awareness and personal growth generated by a relationship with Art in all its forms – particularly when their interest and participation begins at an early age.

We offer Art-Infused programs for students ages 3-18: Preschool, After-school, Release Day Camps and Summer Camps.

  • We are Artists. We believe in Art for youth.
  • We believe youth benefit from Art and become better leaders.
  • We believe in Artists teaching youth all life skills through Art.

Art-Infused Education is classes taught by Artists using Art in all its forms:

  • Fine Arts like graphic design, visual arts, 2D and 3D sculpture
  • Performing Arts such as music, dance, theater, puppetry and spoken word.
  • Art-Infused outdoor experiences, culinary arts and gardening